Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Just Wanna Apologize...

So the Blue Crew lost Game 5 yesterday and was eliminated once again by those Phuggin Phillies. Sure, they fought long and hard, and many people gave them a hard time as most fans do when their teams are down (esp. in the playoffs).

Anyways, having grown up playing competitive sports all my life from age 5 through college, primarily year-round baseball, I have always been very superstitious when it comes to competition. Baseball is a nutty sport. Sometimes you have a great game with your socks pulled up high and you won't change that, until you go into a slump and pull your pants back down over your socks. Some players tap their bat on their cleats 4 times on each side before entering the batter's box, ala Nomar Garciaparra, for good luck. Some pray, or give a "big ups" to the almight G-O-D everytime they score. And the list of zany tactics goes on and on. There are no rules, you just kinda come up with your own style, what feels comfortable.

So, as a fan who loves the game (baseball, basketball mostly), many of these things have stuck with me. And for that reason I wanted to apologize to the Dodgers. I think it was my fault that Broxton blew game 4. My fault that Torre left Kershaw in one pitch too late in Game 1. My fault that Game 5 ended in disaster. I'm utterly responsible and so so sorry Blue Crew.


I accidentally washed my blue Andre Ethier jersey after we swept the Cardinals. I shoulda known.

In all seriousness, they had an amazing run and met up with a defending champion who got even stringer in the offseason, a very scary thing. Kinda reminds me of a team in the NBA.... =)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Barack Obama: Auto-Tune

Today I decided to put up a pretty funny clip, it's taken from Jimmy Kimmel's Late Night show and is a skit by the famous "Auto-Tune" Pop Rapper, T-PAIN, along with our President of the United States, BARACK OBAMA.

Sure, everyone has a different opinion on Auto-tune. I mean I always liked Roger & Zapp back in the day, but I think the horse has been beaten pretty badly now with all the music on the radio. 

Check it out:

Monday, October 19, 2009

Magañja Beatz - Top 10 Chart - October 2009

Miles Maeda - Like House (Lil Mark Remake) - Bump Music

Worthy & Yankee Zulu - Concumbia - Anabatic

Groove Federation - Cut The Shit - Digi Funk

Soydan - One More Time - Maracuja

Rio Soldierman - Home In Garage (TBF Dirty Garage Mix) - Flatpack Traxx

Rambis & Coop - Razzle Dazzle - Guess Who

Luke Alan - Step One Subsky Remix - SOWAT

Junia Ovadose - Post Modernism (Sir Handmade Dub) - Lost My Dog

Easily Influenced - Rockit (Thomas White Reheat) - HAWT

Wattie Green - Moe - Juiced

Monday Morning Insight

"Pay attention, hold nothing, have everything at once."

This Zen teaching is always useful, at anytime, for anyone. Often times we have a tendency to become unattentive; we lose focus of the positive things, go through the motions, and focus on the negative.

We can only control what is in our control. Life is so short, we should always appreciate the good things, love, happiness for we never know what will come tomorrow.

Have a great week everyone! =)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

LA Dodgers Postseason Blog: Matt Kemp

Okay so I am obsessed with the LA Dodgers. Duhh! I love baseball more than almost anything and it isn't often that my fave team in my fave sport are in the playoffs, let alone the National League Championship Series. Even moreso, they are ties 1-1 against a rival that took us out last year, and if we win 3 more games we go on to play either a long-time NY rival, stemming from our Brooklyn days, or a local rival from the OC that would make it a Freeway Series. In other words, I am very excited, but we gotta take care of business first!

One thing I love about this Dodgers team is their youth movement. Players like Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, Russell Martin, James Loney, Clayton Kershaw and many more, a squad I have never witnessed in LA in my lifetime and just so exciting to watch. Anyway, I stumbled upon our centerfielder, MATT KEMP's blog and figured I'd pass it on for any other Dodgers freaks out there.

In a nutshell he gives you an inside look into the postseason, life in the clubhouse, etc. Check out, and Go Dodgers!

Game 3 @ 5:07PST Today!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Good Day, L.A.! Friday October 16th, 2009

For some reason my insomnia has been kicking in hard lately so i stayed up til the sun came up doing work and writing this blog! Anyhow today is 92 Degrees in Los Angeles, a perfect day for some DODGER BASEBALL (Game 2 @ Dodger Stadium), and a perfect start to a weekend in October! The last couple weeks had been awfully gloomy and chilly, and I for one was in denial that our glorious summer weather was over, so I'm stoked!

I went to Game 1 of the Phillies @ Dodgers NLCS yesterday, and man it was fun. What a battle! Our buddy Parker asked us to go and we had amazing seats on the field level. Sure we lost, and yeah I can easily play Monday morning quarterback and question some of those pitching changes (why didn't we pull Clayton Kershaw as soon as he lost control?!?!!?) but it was still fun screaming at the top of my lungs the entire game and feeling the playoff energy in that place. I can only imagine what the World Series could feel like. Hmmmmmm...

Anyhow there's lots going on this weekend in LA:

Tonight is FREE THINKING celebrating the MAUF Crew's JOESH's Birthday, taking place @ Mal's in Downtown LA. Joesh is one hilarious individual, and also a phenomonal DJ so come out, it's FREE! There is also INGOGNITO with Santiago & Bushido @ King King in Hollywood.

Saturday Night, DROID is doing their 7 Year Anniversary INTERFACE Warehouse Party on the Techno side of things, and it will surely be a good one if you're into techy beats. Congrats to Vidal and the DROID fam for 7 years of techno mayhem in Los Angeles!

You can also catch SHADES which is the big House event that night put on by DISTANTBEAT, celebrating Becky's birthday at a very cool location in Downtown LA! Wear Sunglasses for discount entry, it's a theme party!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who Hates The Beatles????

So as some of you may know, i recently got back from visiting some family in Spain a couple of weeks ago. While out there, i got to do some traveling and met some really cool, very interesting people from all over the world.

Of all of these people, one of them in particular sparked some of the most engaging conversations i had on the entire trip. She was from Manchester, and cracked me up with her brutal honesty and witty sarcasm. She was very intelligent and she loved music more than anything. Needless to say, we all talked for hours and hours.

After talking music for quite some time, having so much in common, she made a HARD LEFT and threw me off by saying one of the CRAZIEST things I have ever heard in my entire life:

"I hate The Beatles".

I'm sorry what did you say?

"I HATE The Beatles, I really do."

It took me awhile to let this sink in. I mean, I know people that don't care for The Beatles, or maybe only like a song or two, perhaps think they're overrated, whatever. That's cool. Shit, even if you simply don't like them, I get that. Maybe you have some weird story about when you were a kid, bla bla bla and they remind you of bla bla bla. I get that too. However, "HATE"? Really?

So, of course i had to know why. I asked her if she really "hated" them, as that is such a powerful word, but she iinsisted that she did, saying they were one of the worst things to ever happen in music. (i know right!?!?!?!?!?!)

Anyhow, i went on for ages trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with her. Bipolar? Schizo? Deaf???? It was the first, and probably last time in my life that i'd hear someone say that and truly believe it. I am still in shock.

All I can say is, I LOVE The Beatles, bitch!

And of course, just when you think it can't get much worse, she added that she HATED Radiohead.

God help us.